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  • Music Scheduling Software for music Radio, music Television/TV, music Internet/Web station/channel or stations/channels/network/networks.

  • Music Scheduling Software easily handling the scheduling of other events types of your choosing too, e.g. commercials/commercial, trailers/trailer, jingles/jingle, voice breaks/break.

  • Strategic and more accurate methods, less personnel time, fully featured.

  • Popular amongst users is defining periods to rotates/categories, making conventional formats less stagnant and more proactive.

  • Options for chronological scheduling and the separation of user-defined levels results in better flow and strengths of music.

  • Déjà vu prevention when scheduling, has been incorporated from an in-house study.

  • Automatic internal and external web pages, Interfacing to automation systems that are open architecture in design, Internet 'Programme On Demand' logs.

Here's just a few of the many powerful features of SOUND NOETZ Music Scheduling Software (in no particular order):
  • Automatic no-fuss hooks to E-commerce/Shopping Cart/Merchant (self or third-party) options - connecting your music programme elements directly to an option to purchase.

  • Song Level separation

  • Artist separation

  • Composer separation

  • Song separation

  • Time Difference Since Last Play Time specification

  • Format Maximum Duration specification

  • Format Age range specification

  • Format Level range specification

  • Format Beats Per Minute range specification

  • Format Music Type specification

  • Format Artist Type specification

  • Format Artist Country specification

  • Format Composer Country specification

  • No Repeat Days and Hours specifications

  • Daypart restrictions

  • Request separation

  • Artist Clashing

  • Composer Clashing

  • Song Clashing

  • Déjà vu prevention

  • Same Title prevention

  • Artist Type separation

  • Artist Country separation

  • Media separation for non-Hard Drive technology

  • Interfacing/Import/Export to playout systems not created by us.

  • Internal (i.e. for Announcer) Playlists as Web Pages

  • Internal (i.e. for Announcer) Programme On Demand (e.g. '.m3u') files

  • External (i.e. for Public) Playlists as Web Pages

  • Internet Programme On Demand (e.g. '.asx', '.ram') files

SOUND NOETZ Music Scheduling Software easily interfaces to any automation system that is open architecture in design.

We complete the best, easiest, and most transparent interfacing so you get the most from your two systems.

SOUND NOETZ Music Scheduling Software, and one user, is capable of programming for more than one station if needed and at no extra cost.

Working example, reference for our work; enjoy.

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