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See and hear this working 'client' example: Radio Vision 100

    The Playlisting Software for radio and tv; features
  • Artist separation

  • Song separation

  • Composer separation

  • Song Level separation

  • Time Difference Since Last Play Time specification

  • Format Maximum Duration specification

  • Format Age Range specification

  • Format Level Range specification

  • Format Beats Per Minute Range specification

  • Format Music Type specification

  • Format Artist Type specification

  • Format Artist Country specification

  • Format Composer Country specification

  • No Repeat Days and Hours specifications

  • Daypart restrictions

  • Request separation

  • Artist Clashing

  • Composer Clashing

  • Song Clashing

  • Same Title prevention

  • Artist Type separation

  • Artist Country separation

  • Déjà vu prevention

  • Export for Import to Streaming systems

  • Implementation of Streaming solutions

See and hear this working 'client' example: Radio Vision 100

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